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We redefine recruitment excellence, offering a strategic edge in talent acquisition for sales, marketing, and tech domains. Achieve time-to-fill in just 40 days, ensuring top talent acquisition and swift business growth.

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Solving your recruitment challenges with OfferSigned’s tailored solutions

Whether you're a startup, SME, or large corporation, OfferSigned addresses your pain points. Our approach is customized so that your recruitment journey is easy, efficient, and successful.

No recruitment teamSome companies, especially startups, face the challenge of building a recruitment function from scratch. OfferSigned provides the expertise and support needed to jumpstart your hiring process efficiently.
Global talent acquisitionGlobal talent acquisition can be a demanding task. OfferSigned simplifies the process, ensuring seamless recruitment across different regions, considering cultural nuances and compliance with all the legal requirements.
Adapting to market changesThe world is constantly changing, and market shifts demand agile recruitment strategies. OfferSigned helps you adapt quickly to economic changes, industry disruptions, and geopolitical events, ensuring your hiring approach remains resilient and effective.
Timely closing and urgent needsTime-sensitive recruitment demands swift action. OfferSigned specializes in quick turnarounds, ensuring timely closures for critical positions and addressing the urgency of your staffing requirements.

Why we're different

Why we're different

Our recruitment process

We tailor our process to ensure that every step
leads to finding the perfect match for your team.

Initial consultationWe kick off by scheduling a call, discussing your requirements, goals, and company culture to gain a comprehensive understanding of your ideal candidate.
Pre-employment assessmentsWe perform comprehensive background checks to verify employment history, certifications, and other relevant details.
Finalizing the hireOnce you're satisfied with the candidate selection, the chosen candidate joins your company and we complete the payment process.
Tailored recruitment strategyOur team develops a tailor-made recruitment strategy designed specifically for your organization and position requirements. Depending on the complexity of your hiring needs, we assign a dedicated Recruiter or Recruiter & Talent Sourcer tandem.
Candidate recommendationsOfferSigned presents you with a handpicked selection of candidates, blending the right skill set with perfect alignment to your company culture and values.
Ongoing support and consultationBeyond the recruitment and talent sourcing, we provide continuous support and consultation to drive your organization's growth and efficiency.
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Folderly is an AI-based email deliverability platform, addressing spam issues and optimizing email deliverability to boost sales for marketers.
ChallengeAs the leader in the email deliverability space, Folderly struggled to bring on candidates who matched their top-line product. They sought seniors with over 7 years of experience in their respective fields, alongside SaaS experience, across sales, marketing, and engineering. The interview process was extensive, consisting of 4 interviews and a test, leading to a very low acceptance rate for candidates entering their pipeline, especially for sales and engineering roles. They focused on hiring in Eastern Europe while having their headquarters in the US.
As a resultWithin 6 months, 10 engineering roles and 5 sales roles were successfully filled, increasing the acceptance rate by 25%. 80% of the candidates passed probation, with 50% moving into leadership roles within 12 months. Seeing the results delivered, Folderly decided not to build their in-house recruitment team and instead outsourced 100% of their recruitment efforts to Offersigned.

Transparent and flexible
pricing to suit your needs

Our pricing options are tailored to match the scale and requirements of your organization.
We believe in clarity and flexibility, ensuring you get the value you deserve.

Standard recruitment services
Standard recruitment servicesWe offer end-to-end recruitment solutions, from identifying potential candidates to conducting interviews and negotiating the offer. Our extensive network and advanced recruitment tools enable us to find candidates who not only have the required skills and experience but also align with your company culture and values.
Candidates sourcing/base
Candidates sourcing/baseWe actively seek out candidates who are looking for new opportunities, and we also engage with passive candidates – those who are not actively job-seeking but are open to the right opportunity. This dual approach ensures we cover a wide talent pool, increasing the chances of finding the perfect fit for your needs.
Recruitment consulting
Recruitment consultingConsultants work with your company to develop a recruitment strategy tailored to its unique needs. This involves understanding the company culture, specific job requirements, and overall business goals. The strategy may include defining job roles, setting recruitment goals, and planning the recruitment timeline.
Other solutions
Hiring a contractor
Hiring a contractor
  • Sourcing temporary professionals
  • Interview process management
  • Offer negotiation
Mass hiring/staffing
Mass hiring/staffing
  • Temporary and permanent staffing
  • Contract-based staffing solutions
  • Interview process management
  • Offer negotiation
Outplacement services
Outplacement services
  • Layoffs and reduction in force management
  • Employee outplacement services
  • Reputation management through seamless transitions
  • Additional services: career counseling, CV writing, job placement
Find the perfect plan for you Explore the features and benefits of each plan to find
the perfect match for your business needs.

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